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Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others? To help others? To utilize your skillset and talents? Then, you should contact the Volunteer Services Department at Harlingen Medical Center. The award-winning and nationally recognized hospital is looking for senior adults, and young adults, to come in and support the hospital staff, and patients, in various departments as a Volunteer!

Harlingen Medical Center is currently recruiting volunteer members 15-years of age and older to join its Volunteer Services team.

“Volunteers are extraordinary people who want to contribute to the greater good of things,” said Ms. Diana Young, a Volunteer Leader at Harlingen Medical Center. “We have several opportunities where we can utilize individual’s talents and skills to support the overall operation of the hospital, while assisting our staff in creating wonderful experiences for our patients.”

Volunteers are currently being sought to fill positions in departments and areas that include the hospital hospitality program, Emergency Room, Day Surgery, Wound Healing Center, Finance Department, Human Resources and Marketing Department. Duties will vary depending on the assigned department/area, but most will include assisting guests, performing clerical duties, and assisting staff as needed. Some volunteer positions will involve working with patients’ families, while others will involve contact with patients. Volunteers are assigned to a department/area according to their interests and needs of the hospital.

The Volunteer Services Department is recruiting for the Senior Adults Program right now to assist in various departments. And, it is also recruiting Young Adults for the Summer Volunteer Program, which includes both university level and High School level students.

“During their service at Harlingen Medical Center, we want to ensure that all of our volunteers are doing something that they enjoy,” said Ms. Young. “And, at the same time we want to ensure that they are contributing to the overall wellness of our patients, since they are our number one priority.”

The Volunteer Services program is open to anyone who is interested in giving back to their community. All potential volunteers must meet certain criteria, which includes submitting a volunteer application, submitting to and passing a background check, clearing all vaccination requirements, and meet a weekly commitment, among others requirements. A dress code must be adhered to while on duty, which includes khaki pants, a burgundy hospital issued Polo, and comfortable, light colored walking shoes.

“The Harlingen Medical Center Volunteer Services program is a great opportunity for those who are retiree age, at the university level, and high school level, and wish to have a wonderful service-to-others experience in healthcare,” said Ms. Young. “Our volunteers will receive hands-on healthcare experience, receive credit for school (if they require it), grow personally through service to others, and have access to all of the health and wellness programs offered to volunteers, at HMC, for free.”

To learn more about the Harlingen Medical Center Volunteer Services program, please contact Ms. Diana Young at 956-365-1027 or at