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Diabetes. It affects so many people in the Rio Grande Valley. It can affect your health in so many ways – your kidneys, your heart, your vision, and/or your feet. Most Podiatrists will agree that you have to take care of your health when you live with this disease – and for them – taking care of your feet, in order to prevent amputations, is a must!

One Valley Podiatrist and Surgeon, Raul Maldonado, DPM, has taken his advice to his patients to a whole new level by developing, and mass producing, Dr. ROM’s Foot Wipes, which are designed to nurture foot health and hygiene. And, he is bringing his message of healthy feet, and his product, to the next Harlingen Medical Center Doc Talk Lecture on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. in the Medical Office Building (MOB) Conference Room of the hospital.

“My goal is to raise awareness about foot health, educate people on how to take care of their feet – when they suffer from Diabetes, and to take care of people. That’s why I am a physician and do what I do,” said Dr. Maldonado, a Partner-In-Care to Harlingen Medical Center. “I have seen too many patients undergo amputations and I want to help decrease that statistic. It does not have to happen. Diabetic patients needs to be in preventative mode at all times.”

April is National Foot Care Awareness Month and the Doc Talk Lecture at Harlingen Medical Center will feature Dr. Maldonado as the key note speaker/educator – presenting “Diabetic Foot Hygiene,” and, will include discussion on:

  • How Diabetes may affect the feet
  • What are some of the signs that Diabetics should be on the look-out for – on their feet
  • Prevention and how to properly clean your feet daily when you are a Diabetic
  • How to properly inspect your feet daily when you are a Diabetic
  • The consequences of not taking care of your feet properly when you are a Diabetic
  • Do’s and Dont’s
  • When to see a foot expert
  • How Dr. ROM’s Foot Wipes can help Diabetics achieve healthy feet
  • And, much more, including, a question-and-answer session after the presentation

“At Harlingen Medical Center, we host these educational seminars, The Doc Talk Lectures, so that the people we serve in our community, can receive the education, preparation, and access to physicians, so that they can make educated decisions about when to seek treatment for whatever medical issue they might be facing,” said Manny Chacon, Regional Director of Business Development and Marketing at Harlingen Medical Center. “And, our physician partners are always gracious to indulge our guests’ at these lectures – spending time with them, ensuring they have thoroughly answered our guests’ questions. And, when needed, they help facilitate an appointment at their office for further evaluation of a medical issue.”

According to Dr. Maldonado, his product, Dr. ROM’s Foot Wipes, are designed to refresh the feet; they remove dirt, sweat and odor; are specially formulated for the feet; ideal for daily use after wearing shoes or sandals; great for using after sporting activities, exercise, and walking barefoot in a school locker room or gym shower room; and, can reduce the incidence of tenia pedis and other foot infections.

“I developed these foot wipes, because I had so many podiatry patients, who would come in with these severe wounds on their feet, and they would ask me, ‘how do I keep my feet clean, so that I do not get an infection in the wounds?’”, said Dr. Maldonado. “And, so they only response I had for them was to develop an actual cleansing, nurturing, healthy wipe that would do that for them.”

It took Dr. Maldonado approximately 18-months, from development to product, to have Dr. ROM’s Foot Wipes ready to go to market, and, most importantly, ready for his patients to use on their feet.

“My product is made of special blends of natural ingredients, and durable material, that will be helpful for the patient and comfortable for their use,” added Dr. Maldonado. “Dr. ROM’s Foot Wipes are made with aloe and vitamin E, tea tree oil, and peppermint. These ingredients make for a refreshing foot cleansing every time used.”

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone and can be highly detrimental to one’s health if not controlled. Those who already have Diabetes, podiatrists’ agree that the disease can manifest itself in various manners including:

  • Tingling on the toes and feet
  • Numbness on the toes and feet
  • Wounds on the feet that seem to never heal
  • Pain in the calves when walking

“With this Doc Talk Lecture at Harlingen Medical Center, I want to raise awareness, bring education, and ensure that people understand that they must take action to prevent the full effects of Diabetes, especially on their feet,” said Dr. Maldonado. “I want the members of my community to understand that they must change their behavior, so that they can keep their feet healthy and intact. No one wants to have an amputation. It can be prevented.”

Dr. Raul Maldonado is a Podiatrist and Surgeon based in Harlingen. His medical practice is located at 597 Sesame Drive, (Harlingen, Texas 78550) and may be contacted at 956-365-3334.

Wound Healing Center & Hyperbaric Medicine

The Wound Healing Center at Harlingen Medical Center features a full spectrum of wound care services, including hyperbaric medicine. Non-healing wounds can result from diabetes and/or pressure ulcers and can become life-threatening. These types of wounds require the care of an expert. Board Certified wound care physicians and trained staff focus on accelerating the wound healing process by using the newest and most successful treatments and technologies available, including hyperbaric oxygen medicine.

To learn more about the Wound Healing Center, and Hyperbaric Medicine, at Harlingen Medical Center, please call 956-425-HEAL (4325).

To RSVP for the Doc Talk Lecture, featuring Dr. Maldonado, on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., at the Harlingen Medical Center Medical Office Building (MOB), please do so at 956-365-1027 or at